How To Choose A Motorcycle Tour Company

If you’re ready to go on a motorcycle tour and would prefer to ride with a tour company (or with their assistance), it’s time to start thinking about which company you’ll use.

In choosing a motorcycle tour company, you can start by prioritizing your preferences, and then research several companies in order to find the one that most closely aligns with your needs and wants.

Below are factors to consider when comparing motorcycle tour companies.

Type of Tour
Decide whether you want a guided motorcycle tour (a guide leads a group of riders) or a self-guided motorcycle tour (the tour company provides the itinerary, and you explore on your own).

Destination And Itinerary
Determine where you want to go and what you’d like see on your tour. Some motorcycle tour companies specialize in certain regions or types of landscapes. Review the tour itineraries for details on daily routes, stops, and attractions.

Match the length of the tour with how long you’d like to spend traveling on your bike. Motorcycle tours can range from day trips to rides that last several weeks.

Check to see if the company offers flexibility in the tour itinerary, if case you want to spend more time at a specific location or in the event of bad weather.

Consider the total cost of the tour, which might include: motorcycle rental, nightly accommodations, meals, guide fees, fuel, and any extras. Some motorcycle companies offer all-inclusive packages, while others charge for items separately.

Type and Condition of Motorcycles
Make sure that the motorcycle touring company offers the type of motorcycle that you’re comfortable riding. Check if the bikes are well-maintained and if they provide features such as saddlebags, GPS navigation devices, heated grips, etc.

Group Size
Ask about the typical size of the tour group and the guide-to-rider ratio.

Accommodation And Meals
Find out about the quality and type of accommodations (e.g. hotels, motels, inns, campgrounds). Check if meals are included and, if so, what type of meals. If you have any dietary restrictions or special needs requirements, verify that the motorcycle tour company can accommodate them.

Safety Record
Confirm that the motorcycle tour company has a good safety record. Ask about the training and experience of their guides and the skill levels of the other riders (if you’re touring in a group).

Check to see if the tour company will provide motorcycle insurance, or if you’ll need get your own.

Reviews And Recommendations
Read online reviews from previous customers to get insights into their experiences. And get personal recommendations from friends or members of your local motorcycle community.

Customer Service And Support
Pay attention to how responsive and helpful the motorcycle tour company is when you reach out with questions or concerns. Good customer service and support can be a huge selling point, especially if you’re touring in an unfamiliar region or foreign country!

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