Motorcycle Insurance Cost: Safety

Safety first! The safer you are, the less you might pay for motorcycle insurance. Some motorcycle insurance companies offer discounts for safety features on your bike, for safe riding habits, and for completion of a motorcycle safety course.

Below is general information about how prioritizing safety can help you lower your cost of motorcycle insurance.

Safety Features On Your Motorcycle
Some motorcycle insurance companies will offer discounts if you have safety features on your bike.

Anti-Lock Brake Systems (ABS) On Motorcycles
If you have an anti-lock brake system on your motorcycle, you might qualify for a discount. Insurance companies offer discounts for ABS because, simply put, they help prevent accidents.

ABS systems use sensors on the motorcycle’s wheels to continuously monitor their rotational speed. These sensors can detect abnormal rates of deceleration and sense when a wheel is about to lock up or skid. When the ant-lock brake system detects a potential wheel lock, it modulates the motorcycle’s braking force by rapidly applying and releasing the brakes. This action is often referred to as “pulsing.”

By rapidly pulsing the brakes, ABS allows the wheels to maintain traction with the road surface. This helps you retain steering control during heavy braking, reducing the risk of skidding or losing control. Modern ABS systems on motorcycles are even sophisticated enough to adapt to different riding conditions, (such as wet or slippery roads), and adjust their response accordingly.

Anti-Theft Devices On Motorcycles
If you have anti-theft devices on your motorcycle – or add them, you might qualify for a discount. Today’s modern anti-theft devices and features include:

  • disc locks (some of which come with built-in alarms)
  • alarm systems
  • GPS trackers
  • steering locks
  • kill switches
  • smart locks (some of which include features like fingerprint recognition)
  • immobilizers

Safe Riding / Responsible Riding
Many motorcycle insurance companies offer a discount on insurance if you have a proven track record of safe riding and have avoided accidents and traffic violations. To qualify for this discount, you typically need to have a clean riding record for a certain period of time (usually 3-5 years). In many cases, if you meet the safe rider criteria set by the insurance company, you’ll automatically qualify for a lower rate when you’re getting your insurance quote.

Completion Of A Motorcycle Safety Course, Class, Or Training
Most motorcycle insurance companies offer a discount (typically 5%-15%) for completion of an approved motorcycle safety course, class, or training. The discount is usually valid for a certain period after completing the course, typically 24-36 months. To qualify for the discount, you might need to provide your insurance company with a certificate of completion.

Check With Your Insurance Agent Or Company
Please note that the information provided above is for informational purposes only. For the most accurate, up-to-date, specific information, check with your insurance agent or insurance company!