Motorcycle Rideshares And Private Owner Rentals

It’s easier than ever before to rent a motorcycle from a private owner, but there are things you need to be aware of with rideshares and private owner rentals.

Motorcycle Rideshares
There are now motorcycle websites and apps that connect people who want to rent a motorcycle with people who are willing to rent their bikes. Think of these as the “Airbnb” of motorcycle rentals.

Owners list their motorcycles for rent, and riders can pick options based on location, model, cost, and more. Some of the rideshare sites conduct background checks on riders to ensure that they have valid motorcycle licenses and a safe riding history. Others have insurance policies that provide coverage for the rental motorcycle.

The most popular rideshare sites include:

  • Twisted Road
  • Riders Share
  • EagleShare (run by EagleRider, which also has rental shops and offers packages and tours)

Condition Of Motorcycle And Proof Of Registration
With a motorcycle rental from a private owner, it’s a good idea to meet the owner in person and inspect the motorcycle. You’ll also want to check the motorcycle’s registration to ensure that it’s current and that the motorcycle is legally owned and not stolen.

Rental Agreement
You’ll want to have a written agreement for the motorcycle rental. This document should clearly state the terms of the motorcycle rental, including: rental period, price, any deposits required, and other specific conditions. The rental agreement should also state who is responsible in case of any breakdowns, repairs, damages, accidents or theft during the rental period.

Motorcycle Insurance
Verify whether the owner’s insurance policy covers rentals. Most personal motorcycle insurance policies don’t automatically cover renters. If you have your own motorcycle insurance policy, check to see if it covers rentals (including rentals from private owners). Otherwise, you’ll need to purchase short-term or supplemental motorcycle insurance.

Motorcycle Inspection
Before taking possession of your rental motorcycle, conduct a thorough inspection – with the owner by your side. Note any pre-existing damage and take pictures, so that you have a record of the condition of the bike.

Discuss payment options upfront, including how you’ll pay for the motorcycle rental (cash, check, credit card, Venmo, etc.) and the amount of the deposit.

Return Policy
Set a clear time and place for returning the motorcycle, and discuss whether you need to refuel it. Together, you and the owner should conduct another inspection of the motorcycle to note any new damage or issues.

Potential Risks
When you’re renting a motorcycle from a private owner, there can be risks, including:

  • scams (be wary of deals that seem to good to be true or owners who won’t meet with you in person)
  • mechanical failures (private owners might not be diligent about performing maintenance on their bikes)
  • liability (if you get in an accident and the insurance situation isn’t clear, you could be held financially responsible)!

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