Diaryland Motorcycle Insurance

Dairyland insurance is well-known for its specialization in non-standard motorcycle insurance and auto insurance. A division of Sentry Insurance, Dairyland was established in 1953, and this motorcycle insurance company caters to riders who might not be able to find insurance coverage anywhere else, (because of their driving history and/or their type of motorcycle.)

Types Of Dairyland Motorcycle Insurance Coverage
Dairyland Insurance offers the following types of insurance coverage for motorcycles:

  • liability insurance coverage
  • collision insurance coverage
  • comprehensive insurance coverage
  • uninsured / underinsured motorist insurance coverage
  • medical payments / personal injury protection insurance coverage
  • custom parts and equipment insurance coverage
  • towing, roadside assistance and emergency services insurance coverage

Dairyland Motorcycle Insurance Discounts
Dairyland offers discounts on motorcycle insurance for:

  • multiple motorcycle policies
  • completion of a motorcycle safety course
  • being a member of certain motorcycle riding groups or associations

Dairyland Insurance vs Other Motorcycle Insurance Companies
Dairyland stands out from other motorcycle insurance companies in a variety of ways.

Specialists In High-Risk Coverage: Dairyland is notable for offering coverage to high-risk riders and drivers, including those with less-than-perfect driving records. If you’ve struggled to find motorcycle insurance, Dairyland might be your best (or only) option.

Coverage For Different Types Of Bikes: Dairyland’s motorcycle insurance covers a wide variety of bikes, including standard motorcycles, cruisers, touring bikes, sport bikes, and even scooters and mopeds.

Flexible Payment Options: Dairyland offers flexible payment options, which can make it helpful if you’re on a tight budget.

Competitive Pricing: Dairyland is known for its competitive pricing.

Towing, Roadside Assistance, And Emergency Services Coverage: Dairyland offers towing and roadside assistance as an add-on coverage, which can be invaluable, especially if you like to go on motorcycle tours. This service includes towing, flat tire changes, and other emergency assistance.

Easy Claims Process: Dairyland has a straightforward and efficient claims process.

Check With Your Insurance Agent Or Company
Please note that the information provided above is for informational purposes only. For the most accurate, up-to-date, specific information, check with your insurance agent or insurance company!

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