Motorcycle Clothing

Motorcycle clothing can be cool, fashionable, practical, protective, or all of the above.

Below is an overview of the different types of motorcycle clothing – some of which you’ll want to wear even when you’re not on your motorcycle!

Helmets: Required in most states, motorcycle helmets are a must-have, even when the law doesn’t demand them. The primary types of motorcycle helmets include: full face helmets, modular or flip up helmets, open face or 3/4 helmets, and half helmets.

Jackets: Motorcycle jackets can help shelter you from the weather and protect against abrasions if you crash. The most common types of motorcycle jackets include: leather (durable and abrasion-resistant), textile (often lighter, with better waterproofing and ventilation), and armor (with padding at the elbows, shoulders, and/or back).

Vests: Motorcycle vests, often made out of leather, offer both style and protection. Designed for durability, vests often feature pockets and patches (which can symbolize your allegiance to biker groups or showcase your personal journeys).

Pants: Motorcycle pants can help shelter you from the weather and protect against abrasions if you crash. The most common types of motorcycle pants include: leather (durable and abrasion-resistant, often paired with leather jackets for a complete look), textile (often lighter, with better waterproofing and ventilation), jeans (reinforced with materials like Kevlar), and armor (with padding at the hips and knees).

Suits: Motorcycle suits offer full-body protection and are often used in racing. One-piece motorcycle suits are a single garment that covers your entire body and offers the best protection. Two-piece motorcycle suits consist of a jacket and pants that can usually be zipped together.

High Visibility And Reflective Clothing: Essential wear if you’re safety-conscious, high visibility and reflective motorcycle clothing features bright neon colors and reflective strips. These can help other drivers and riders see you – during the day and at night.

Boots And Shoes: Motorcycle boots help provide grip, and they can also help protect your feet and ankles if you crash. The most common types of motorcycle boots include: touring boots (comfortable for long rides, they offer moderate protection), racing boots (less comfortable, but they have rigid armor and offer maximum protection), and short boots or riding shoes (more casual, these are often used for short rides).

Gloves: Motorcycle gloves can help protect your hands from weather, abrasion, and impacts. The most common types of motorcycle gloves include: gauntlet gloves (with extended cuffs to cover the wrists and parts of the jacket sleeves), short gloves (cover the hand and a small part of the wrist), and fingerless gloves (offer better ventilation and grip, but less protection).

Rain Gear: Motorcycle rain suits are waterproof coverings that can be worn over your regular riding gear.

Balaclavas And Neck Gaiters: These snug-fitting accessories help shield your neck and face from the wind, cold, and road debris.

Base Layers And Thermal Clothing: Base layers and thermal clothing help regulate your body temperature during motorcycle rides. When it’s warmer, these undergarments can help wick away moisture and keep you dry. When it’s colder, their insulating properties help retain your body heat.

Heated Gear And Clothing: Some of the best inventions ever, electrically heated motorcycle gear and clothing can help keep you warm while you’re riding. The most common types of heated motorcycle clothing include: heated suits, heated vests, heated jackets and liners, heated pants and liners, heated gloves, and heated socks and insoles.

Motorcycle Caps: Largely a fashion statement, motorcycle caps can also shield your eyes from sun and glare and keep your hair from flying around.

Body Armor and Protectors: Motorcycle body armor and protectors can help provide extra protection against impacts. The most common types of motorcycle body armor include: back protectors (shield the spine), chest protectors (guard the chest area), knee guards (protect the knees), elbow guards (protect the elbows) and neck braces (stabilize the neck and help prevent hyperextension)!

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