Motorcycle Towing And Roadside Assistance

Having your motorcycle break down while you’re riding can be a nerve-wracking experience! Whether you’re stuck in the middle of rush hour traffic, broken down on the side of the highway, or stranded in a remote area, you’ll want to get towing or roadside assistance as quickly as possible.

But not all towing and roadside assistance options are equal. Below is an overview of motorcycle towing, motorcycle roadside assistance, and tips for how to choose the right type of plan.

Towing For Motorcycles
If you need a tow because of a mechanical breakdown or crash, there are three primary types of towing options:

Flatbed Towing: With flatbed towing, the bike is securely strapped onto the flat surface of the tow truck to prevent any damage during transportation.

Motorcycle Towing Cradles: This method involves attaching the front wheel of the motorcycle to a device that can be hitched to the tow truck. The back wheel remains on the road throughout the tow.

Trailer Towing: Trailers specifically designed for motorcycles can be used to tow bikes.

Roadside Assistance For Motorcycles
A motorcycle doesn’t always have to be towed to the nearest dealership, shop, or mechanic. Many motorcycle repair or maintenance issues can be quickly and easily fixed with timely roadside assistance.

Flat Tire Repair: Some roadside assistance providers offer on-the-spot tire repairs or tire replacements for motorcycles. If your tire can’t be repaired immediately, your provider may transport the motorcycle to the nearest repair facility.

Fuel Delivery: If your motorcycle runs out of fuel, roadside assistance can provide an emergency fuel delivery to help you reach the nearest gas station.

Battery Jumpstart: If the battery on your motorcycle is dead, roadside assistance can provide a jumpstart or a battery replacement.

Lockout Services: If your keys are lost, broken, or locked inside the motorcycle’s storage compartment, roadside assistance can help retrieve or replace the keys.

Minor Mechanical Repairs: For minor mechanical issues, some providers might offer basic repairs to get your motorcycle running again.

Motorcycle Towing And Roadside Assistance Plans And Coverage
When choosing a towing and roadside assistance plan, compare plans, coverage, and cost.

Check Coverage Limits: Before you buy a roadside assistance plan, check to see if there are any limits on the number of service calls, towing distances, or associated costs.

Experience With Motorcycles: Look for providers with good reviews, especially from other motorcyclists. Some general roadside assistance services (that are primarily designed for cars and trucks) might not be as equipped or experienced with motorcycles.

Trip Interruption Benefits: Some premium motorcycle roadside assistance plans cover expenses, such as food, lodging and transportation if your motorcycle breaks down when you’re a certain distance from your home!

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