Motorcycle Storage

The goal of motorcycle storage is to keep your motorcycle in top condition, so that when you’re ready to ride again, it’s as good as when you left it – or even better! Proper preparation and maintenance during storage can prevent costly repairs in the future.

Below are some tips for motorcycle storage during off-season periods or extended times when you’re not riding.

Clean And Wax Your Motorcycle
Before you put your motorcycle in storage, give it a good cleaning. Wash off any dirt, bugs, or debris, and thoroughly dry the motorcycle to prevent rust. You might also want to apply a coat of wax to protect the paint job on your motorcycle.

Change The Oil And Filter On Your Motorcycle
Old oil can contain contaminants that can harm the engine. Before you store your motorcycle, change the oil and filter.

Prepare The Fuel System On Your Motorcycle
Filling the tank on your motorcycle before you store it can help prevent moisture from building up and causing rust. Add a fuel stabilizer to prevent the fuel from breaking down while your motorcycle’s in storage, and run the motorcycle for a few minutes to circulate the stabilizer.

Disconnect The Battery On Your Motorcycle
If you’re storing your motorcycle for a long period of time, disconnect the battery. Store the battery in a cool, dry place and consider using a trickle charger or battery tender to maintain the battery’s charge.

Motorcycle Stand
Inflate your tires to the recommended pressure, and consider placing your motorcycle on a stand to offload the weight from the tires (this can help prevent flat spots on the tires).

Protect Against Moisture
If you won’t be riding it for awhile, store your motorcycle in a dry place. If you have to store it outdoors, use a motorcycle cover that’s breathable (this can help prevent condensation).

Cover Your Motorcycle
Even if you’re storing the motorcycle indoors, a cover can help protect the bike from dust and debris. If you’re storing your motorcycle outdoors, be sure that the cover is weatherproof and has vents for airflow.

Prevent Rust On Your Motorcycle
Lubricate exposed metal parts on your motorcycle with a light coat of oil or anti-rust spray. For the chain, use chain lubricant.

Plug Your Exhaust Pipes
Plug your exhaust pipes to prevent moisture or pests from getting in, but remember to remove the plug before you start the motorcycle up again.

Check The Fluids On Your Motorcycle
Check the brake, clutch, and coolant fluids on your motorcycle. If they’re close to the end of their service interval, consider changing them before you put your motorcycle in storage.

Examine Your Motorcycle
If you’ll be storing your motorcycle for an extended length of time, periodically examine it and look for any signs of rust, pests, or fluid leaks.

Start Up Your Motorcycle Occasionally
If possible, start your motorcycle every few weeks. This can help circulate the oil and ensure that the battery remains charged.

Read Your Motorcycle Insurance Policy Or Call Your Agent
Some policies offer reduced rates for motorcycles that are in storage. Check your motorcycle insurance policy, or call your agent to see if you can save some money!