Motorcycle Rentals

If you want to explore a new area, enjoy a weekend getaway, or check out a specific type of bike before you buy, renting a motorcycle is the way to go!
Below is an overview of motorcycle rentals.

Options For Renting A Motorcycle
If you’re looking to rent a motorcycle, the best options include:

  • motorcycle rental shops (you’ll find these in larger cities)
  • motorcycle dealerships (some dealers offer rentals)
  • websites and apps (websites and apps like Rider Share or Twisted Road let individual owners rent out their motorcycles)

Choosing A Motorcycle To Rent
Most rental agencies (and some dealerships) have a variety of motorcycles, from cruisers to sportbikes to touring motorcycles. Choose a bike that will match the type of riding you intend to do.

Renting a motorcycle can also be a great help in choosing a motorcycle, because it gives you the chance to try before you buy. Spend a day or two on the type of motorcycle that you’re interested in buying, and you’ll get a feel for whether it’s the bike you want to own.

Cost Of Motorcycle Rentals
The cost to rent a motorcycle varies, depending on the model of the motorcycle, the area where you’re renting it, how long you’ll keep it, and the time of year. Expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $300+ per day. Touring bikes and premium models are usually more expensive. Deposits are common and can range from $200 to $2,000.

Reservations For Motorcycle Rentals
Especially in popular areas or during peak seasons, consider booking your motorcycle rental in advance to ensure availability and potentially better rates.

Motorcycle Rental Requirements
To rent a motorcycle, you’ll need a valid motorcycle license or endorsement. Most motorcycle rental companies and dealerships also have a minimum age requirement (typically you have to be at least 21 or 25 years old).  Some motorcycle rental companies might also require proof of riding experience.

Insurance For Motorcycle Rentals
You should opt in for motorcycle insurance when you rent a bike! Most rental companies will include basic insurance in the rental fee, but you might want to consider additional coverage. If you own a motorcycle, your own motorcycle insurance policy might cover rentals, but check with your insurance agent!

Gear For Motorcycle Rentals
Some motorcycle rental companies might offer helmets and other motorcycle gear for rent. Check ahead of time, or you’ll need to bring or buy your own gear.

Inspection Of Your Rental Motorcycle
No matter who you rent from, it’s a good idea to do a thorough inspection of the motorcycle before you ride off. Documenting any pre-existing damage to the motorcycle can help avoid disputes later.

Return Policy For Motorcycle Rentals
Be aware of the return policy for your motorcycle rental, especially the return time and refueling policies.

Tour Options For Motorcycle Rentals
Some rental companies offer guided motorcycle tours. These tours can be a great way to see the sights, without the stress of planning a route.

Maintenance On Long-Term Motorcycle Rentals
Some long-term motorcycle rentals might have a maximum mileage between oil changes or other maintenance requirements!

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