Types Of Discounts On Motorcycle Insurance

Most motorcycle insurance companies offer some type of discount on their insurance, and several of the larger insurance providers offer multiple discounts!

Below are the primary types of discounts that are available for motorcycle insurance.

Multiple Policies Discount
Most insurance companies offer a discount on motorcycle insurance if you’ll “bundle” it with one or more other policies. In other words, if you’ll insure multiple motorcycles and/or your home, auto, or renter’s insurance, you could be eligible for a multiple policies discount.

Completion Of A Motorcycle Safety Course Or Training Discount
Some insurance companies offer a discount on motorcycle insurance if you’ve completed a motorcycle safety course. In order to qualify for this discount, the safety course usually has to be recognized and approved by the insurance company. Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) courses often qualify for the discount.

Safe Riders / Responsible Riders Discount
If you’re a “safe rider” or “responsible rider,” some insurance companies will reward you for your good driving record by giving you a discount. Typically, you’ll need to have had no accidents or traffic violations within a specified period (for 3-5 years, as an example). The safe rider discount might also apply if you’ve completed a motorcycle safety training course.

Mature Riders Discount
Some motorcycle insurance companies extend “mature rider” discounts to riders who meet certain age requirements and/or have extensive riding experience.

Membership In A Motorcycle Riders Group Or Association Discount
Some insurance companies will give you a discount on motorcycle insurance if you’re a member of a motorcycle group or association.

Anti-Theft Devices Discount
Some insurance companies provide a discount on motorcycle insurance for anti-theft devices, and various types of security devices might qualify for this discount. Examples include motorcycle alarm systems, GPS tracker, steering locks, and immobilizer devices.

Anti-Lock Brakes Discount
Anti-lock brake (ABS) systems prevent the motorcycle’s wheels from locking up during braking. Anti-lock brakes can help you maintain control of your steering during an emergency stop, and they can help reduce the risk of a skid. Because of this, some motorcycle insurance companies offer a discount if your motorcycle is equipped with ABS.

Other Types Of Discounts
In addition to the discounts listed above, these are other types of discounts that you might receive on your motorcycle insurance premiums:

  • going paperless discount
  • pay in full discount
  • pay on time discount
  • automatic bill paying discount
  • renewal discount (renewing your insurance policy without any lapse in coverage)
  • military discount

When you’re shopping for motorcycle insurance, be sure to factor in discounts and the overall cost of the policy into your decision. And if you currently have a motorcycle insurance policy, but haven’t reviewed it lately, call your insurance agent or provider to see if you’re eligible for any discounts.

Check With Your Insurance Agent Or Company
Please note that the information provided above is for informational purposes only. For the most accurate, up-to-date, specific information, check with your insurance agent or insurance company.