Motorcycle Shipping And Transport

If you want to get your motorcycle from Point A to Point B, and you don’t want to ride it, there are a number of choices available for shipping and transport.

Whether you’re buying or selling a motorcycle, moving to another area, or attending a motorcycle rally or event that’s far away, it’s easy to ship or transport your bike to your destination.

Types of Motorcycle Transport
There are different types of motorcycle transport:

Enclosed Trailers For Motorcycles: These provide the best protection for your bike. The motorcycle is placed inside a closed trailer, which will protect it from the weather and road debris.

Open Trailers For Motorcycles: Typically more affordable than enclosed trailers, open trailers leave your bike exposed to weather and road debris.

Crate Transports For Motorcycles: The motorcycle is placed inside a crate, which can provide additional protection!

Criteria For Choosing A Motorcycle Transport Company
When you’re choosing a motorcycle transport company, consider these factors:

  • cost
  • reputation (check reviews, testimonials, and the Better Business Bureau)
  • insurance (verify that the transporter has valid insurance and find out what it covers)
  • experience (motorcycle transport companies with years of experience often have a tried-and-true process for transporting motorcycles and a track record of safe deliveries)
  • type of delivery (door-to-door delivery or terminal-to-terminal delivery)

Cost Of Motorcycle Transport
The cost of shipping or transporting your motorcycle can vary widely. These are the factors that have the most impact on the cost:

  • distance
  • location (picking up from or delivering to a remote location can increase the cost)
  • type of transport (enclosed transport typically costs more than open transport)
  • motorcycle size and weight (larger and heavier bikes might cost more to ship)
  • insurance (transport companies often offer basic coverage, but some will allow you to purchase additional protection)

Motorcycle Shipping Preparations
There are a few steps that you should take before you ship or transport your bike:

  • remove accessories
  • clean your bike (this can help you spot any pre-existing scratches or dings before and after shipping)
  • check tire pressure, battery and fluids
  • check the fuel level (it’s best to keep it at a 1/4 tank or below)
  • inspect and document the condition of your bike (including any pre-existing damage)

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