Emergency Tools And Parts Kit For A Motorcycle

Storage space is always tight on a motorcycle, but if you can squeeze in an emergency tools kit, you’ll be better able to address maintenance, and repair issues that might crop up on the road.

Below are items that you should consider including in your motorcycle’s emergency tool kit!

Basic Tools
Basic tools can come in handy:

  • multi-tool (that can cut, grip, and screw)
  • screwdrivers (flathead and Phillips)
  • pliers (needle nose and regular)
  • adjustable wrench

Tire Tools And Parts
For tire maintenance and repairs, these are the best tools and supplies:

  • tire pressure gauge
  • tire puncture repair kit (for tubeless or tube type tires, depending on your tires)
  • mini air compressor or CO2 cartridges (to inflate a tire after you’ve repaired it)

Chain Tools And Parts
For your chain, these are the best tools and supplies:

  • chain breaker (in case you need to remove a damaged link on your chain)
  • spare master link (in case you need to replace one)
  • can of chain lube (for lubricating the chain, especially during long trips)

Electrical Tools And Parts
For your electrical system, these are the best tools and supplies:

  • jumper cables or portable battery jumper (in case of a dead battery)
  • electrical tape (for insulating exposed wires or connectors)
  • fuses (carry a few spares of each type of fuse used on your motorcycle)
  • small multimeter or test light (for diagnosing electrical issues)

Spare Parts
These are good spare parts to carry:

  • clutch and throttle cables (they’re lightweight and can be coiled up)
  • bulbs (to replace headlights or taillights if they burn out)

Other Essentials
And here are some other essential supplies:

  • small flashlight or headlamp (with fresh batteries)
  • oil (a small bottle of engine oil for top-ups)
  • coolant (especially if your motorcycle is liquid-cooled)
  • zip ties (for quick fixes on various parts of your bike)
  • duct tape (for quick fixes and patching)
  • telescoping magnet (useful for retrieving dropped nuts or bolts)
  • mirror (a small, handheld mirror can help you inspect hard-to-see areas)
  • mechanic gloves

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