Cool Stuff, Accessories, And More

Half the fun of owning a motorcycle is buying cool stuff for the bike and for your riding experience.

Below are some awesome motorcycle-related products, some of which are also really useful.

GPS For Motorcycles: GPS can help you find your way and plan scenic, twisty routes! Unlike the standard car GPS units, motorcycle GPS units are built to withstand the vibrations and weather elements that come with riding. They’re often waterproof and dustproof, and many motorcycle GPS models offer glove-friendly touchscreen interfaces and Bluetooth connectivity.

Motorcycle Phone Mounts: These devices securely attach your smartphone to the motorcycle, typically on the handlebars. Features on motorcycle phone mounts include: adjustable grip (to accommodate different phone sizes), swivel and tilt (for optimal viewing angles), shock absorption (to protect the phone from vibrations), and quick release (for easy attachment and removal of the phone).

Motorcycle Speakers: Mounted on handlebars, fairings, or helmets, motorcycle speakers let you listen to music, GPS directions, and phone calls. Features include: weather proofing (designed to resist water and other elements) Bluetooth connectivity (for wireless music streaming, phone calls, and motorcycle communication systems), and compact design (so that the speakers deliver crisp audio, but don’t take up too much space).

Motorcycle Communication Systems: A popular accessory, motorcycle communication systems enable riders to converse with passengers or other riders, listen to music, and access GPS directions. Employing Bluetooth or radio frequency technology, these communication systems offer wireless connectivity, allowing hands-free communication. Many of the communication devices help reduce background noise, ensuring clear audio, even at high speeds. Some helmets come with pre-installed communication systems, and other helmets can be fitted with external devices.

Motorcycle Alarm Systems: Designed to prevent theft, today’s motorcycle alarm systems can do far more than just emit loud noises. The systems can send notifications, disable the motorcycle engine from starting, and more. Other alarm system features and options include: proximity sensors (which sound the alarm if someone comes too close to the bike), motion sensors (which are triggered if the bike is moved or tilted), remote start and stop of the engine, and integrated GPS tracking of the bike’s location.

GoPro Cameras For Motorcycles: Compact and durable, GoPro cameras capture scenic views and record your rides. Most GoPro models offer 1080p resolution or higher and a wide-angle lens that captures a broad view of your surroundings. You can mount a GoPro camera on your helmet (top of the helmet, side of the helmet, or chin mount), on your chest, on your handlebars, on the swingarm of your bike (for a view of the road and riders behind you), on your fairing or windshield, on your foot peg or frame (for a low perspective), or on your fork or front fender (for an upward-facing view).

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