Heated Motorcycle Clothing And Gear

“Brr” is not something that you want to feel while you’re riding a motorcycle!

If you’d like to stay nice and toasty, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a slew of heated motorcycle clothing and gear available today. Thanks to advances in batteries, electronics, and fabrics, you’ll never have to shiver again!

Below are some of the top types of heated motorcycle clothing and gear.

Heated Motorcycle Gloves
When your fingers get cold, they can become numb, which makes it harder to operate the controls on your motorcycle. Heated motorcycle gloves provide warmth to your fingers and the back of your hand. The gloves can be standalone items or designed to plug into jacket liners.

Heated Motorcycle Jackets And Liners
Heated motorcycle jackets or liners are worn underneath your regular riding jacket. They heat your core, which, in turn, can help warm your entire body. Some heated liners cover only the torso, while others include heated arms.

Heated Motorcycle Pants And Liners
Heated motorcycle pants or liners are worn beneath your regular riding pants. They provide warmth to your thighs and knees (and your lower back, depending on the type of pants).

Heated Motorcycle Vests
Heated motorcycle vests keep your core warm, without the added bulk of sleeves.

Heated Motorcycle Socks And Insoles
Heated socks and insoles are designed to keep your feet warm.

Heated Motorcycle Grips
Standard on some high-end models of motorcycles, heated grips are a popular add-on accessory. They can be installed on almost any motorcycle, and they replace or wrap around the motorcycle’s handlebar grips, providing direct warmth to your hands.

Heated Motorcycle Seats
Some high-end, touring, or luxury motorcycles come with heated seats for the rider (and sometimes the passenger, too) as part of the standard package. Other motorcycle manufacturers offer heated seats as an add-on accessory (designed to be installed on a specific model of bike). Other heated seat options include: complete seat replacements with integrated heating elements, heating pads, and covers that can be added to the top of your seat.

Powering Heated Motorcycle Gear And Clothing
The heat in the motorcycle gear and clothing listed above typically comes from built-in, electric heating elements that are powered by the motorcycle’s battery or by portable rechargeable batteries.

When considering heated motorcycle gear, you’ll want to make sure that the gear is compatible with your motorcycle’s electrical system, and that it won’t overload the system. If you’re using battery-powered gear, you’ll need to keep an eye on the battery life and regularly recharge the gear and clothing!

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