Top Motorcycle Rallies In The U.S.

Ready to ride and socialize, with tens of thousands of your closest friends? Check out the top motorcycle rallies in the U.S. and choose your favorite location, activities, and/or time of year to participate in a rally.

The information below includes a short description of the rally, when the rally was started, the location, the time of year the rally’s typically held, and the average attendance.

Arizona Bike Week
Started in 1997, Arizona Bike Week features concerts, stunt shows, and guided rides.
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Date: April
Attendance: 100,000   

Bikefest Lake of the Ozarks
Started in 2006, the Bikefest Lake of the Ozarks features live music, vendors and scenic rides around the lake.
Location: Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
Date: September
Attendance: 125,000

Started in 1992, Biketoberfest is known as the “little brother” of the Daytona Beach Bike Week that’s held in the spring.
Location: Daytona Beach, Florida
Date: October
Attendance: 100,000

Bikes, Blues, and BBQ
Started in 2000, the Bikes, Blues, and BBQ motorcycle rally is a  charitable event famous for its BBQ competitions, music, and scenic rides.
Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas
Date: Last week of September
Attendance: 300,000 

Black Bike Week
Started in 1980 and known for its ad-hoc activities and spontaneity, Black Bike Week is the largest African-American motorcycle rally in the U.S.
Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Date: Memorial Day
Attendance: 300,000-400,000           

Daytona Bike Week
Started in 1937, Daytona Bike Week is a week-long event filled with races, concerts, parties, and street festivals.
Location: Daytona Beach, Florida
Date: March, around the first week
Attendance: 500,000               

Laconia Motorcycle Week
Started in 1916, Laconia Motorcycle Week qualifies as the oldest national motorcycle rally in the U.S., and it’s still going strong.
Location: Laconia, New Hampshire
Date: Mid-June
Attendance: 200,000-300,000  

Leesburg Bikefest
Started in 1997, the Leesburg Bikefest is equal parts motorcycles and music (featuring more than 60 bands).
Location: Leesburg, Florida
Date: April
Attendance: 200,000-225,000

Legendary Sturgis Buffalo Chip
Started in 1981, the Legendary Sturgis Buffalo Chip soon became a premier destination and iconic venue for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.
Location: Sturgis, South Dakota
Date: August
Attendance: 500,000            

Lone Star Rally / Galveston Motorcycle Rally
Started in 2001, the Lone Star Rally / Galveston Motorcycle rally is a Texas-sized celebration with concerts, bike shows, and contests.
Location: Galveston, Texas
Date: Early November
Attendance: 400,000                     

Myrtle Beach Bike Week (Spring And Fall)
Started in 1940, Myrtle Beach Bike Week is known for its scenic coastal rides and wide range of entertainment options.
Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Dates: Spring Rally is in May; Fall Rally is in October
Attendance: 500,000 in the spring and 25,000 in the fall 

Ohio Bike Week
Started in 1999, the Ohio Bike Week takes place on the shores of Lake Erie.
Location: Sandusky, Ohio
Date: Memorial Day
Attendance: 200,000        

Republic of Texas (ROT) Biker Rally
Started in 1995, the Republic of Texas Biker Rally (ROT rally) features a custom bike show and parade.
Location: Austin, Texas
Date: June
Attendance: 40,000-100,000

Rolling To Remember (previously called Rolling Thunder)
Started in 1988, the Rolling To Remember motorcycle rally is held in honor of U.S. military veterans, particularly those missing in action or prisoners of war. Events are held nationwide, with the largest gathering taking place in Washington, D.C.
Location: Washington, D.C.
Date: Memorial Day weekend
Attendance: 900,000               

Steel Horse Rally
Started in 2015, the Steelhorse Motorcycle Rally is a charity event that spans two states (western Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma).
Location: Fort Smith, Arkansas
Date: May
Attendance: 200,000-250,000

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally / Black Hills Motorcycle Rally
Started in 1938, the Sturgis motorcycle rally has grown to become one of the most famous motorcycle rallies in the world.
Location: Sturgis, South Dakota
Date: Typically held during the first full week of August
Attendance: 500,000

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