Trip Interruption ~ Motorcycle Insurance

The only thing worse than having a motorcycle trip interrupted because of a breakdown or accident is having to pay all of the costs associated with the unfortunate incident. Fortunately, you can protect yourself from this double-whammy by purchasing trip interruption insurance.

This type of motorcycle insurance coverage is available from most insurance companies, usually as optional coverage.

Below is information about trip interruption insurance, what most motorcycle insurance companies will cover with it, what isn’t covered, how much it costs, and how to choose the right coverage limits.

Trip Interruption Insurance
Trip interruption coverage is a must-have if you love long rides, road trips, and motorcycle tours. It provides a safety net against the unpredictable, ensuring that a breakdown or accident doesn’t turn into a financial burden. While trip interruption insurance doesn’t cover every possible scenario that could disrupt your trip, it does address some common issues.

What Does Trip Interruption Insurance Cover
Trip interruption insurance typically covers:

  • lodging expenses and meal costs, while you’re delayed
  • transportation costs (like a rental motorcycle or car)
  • returning for the motorcycle (the costs associated with returning to pick up your motorcycle once it’s been repaired)

What Doesn’t Trip Interruption Insurance Cover
Trip interruption insurance typically doesn’t cover:

  • breakdowns close to home (coverage generally doesn’t kick in until you’re 100+ miles away from home)
  • inclement weather
  • trip interruptions because of personal health issues
  • maintenance issues (if the breakdown is due to poor maintenance or normal wear and tear)
  • luxury accommodations (there’s usually a limit on the cost of lodging and meals)
  • accidents and collisions (you’ll need collision insurance or comprehensive insurance)

Cost Of Trip Interruption Insurance
The cost of trip interruption insurance can vary widely, but it’s mostly influenced by: bundling it with other types of insurance, coverage limits, what services are included, and your frequency and type of trips.

How To Choose Trip Interruption Coverage
Many motorcycle insurance companies offer trip interruption coverage as an add-on to their standard policies (often bundling it with towing and roadside assistance coverage). You can also find this coverage through motorcycle clubs and associations, motorcycle tour companies, and travel insurance companies.

Check With Your Insurance Agent Or Company
Please note that the information provided above is for informational purposes only. For the most accurate, up-to-date, specific information, check with your insurance agent or insurance company.

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Most trip interruption coverage only kicks in when you’re at least 100 miles from home and you’ve had a covered loss like a mechanical breakdown, accident, or theft.