Types Of Motorcycle Touring

For many riders, touring is the best part of motorcycling! If you want to ride greater distances, take in new scenery, experience new adventures, and explore new locales, motorcycle touring is the way to go!

With motorcycle touring, there are a variety of options, so you can choose the type of touring that fits your preferences, skill level, and desire for planning and organization.

Below is an overview of the most common types of motorcycle touring.

Solo Motorcycle Tours
Are you comfortable with solitude and extremely self-reliant? Solo motorcycle tours give you complete freedom in terms of pace, route, and stops, but they also might require a level of riding skill and familiarity with your bike.

Group Motorcycle Tours
Do you like riding in a group? Group motorcycle tours offer camaraderie and shared experiences, as well as a safety net in case of emergencies or breakdowns. They also require that you have a skill level that’s similar to the other people in the group, that you’re okay riding at an agreed-upon pace, and that you’re capable of compromise (sometimes LOTS of compromise).

Guided Motorcycle Tours
Do you want to leave all of the decision-making, planning, and organization up to the professionals? Guided motorcycle tours give you the luxury of just riding! Typically, the motorcycle tour company will arrange the itinerary, accommodations, and even the rental motorcycles. All you have to do is show up (and hope that you get along with everyone else on the tour).

Self-Guided Motorcycle Tours
Do you want to be on a guided tour, but not with strangers? Or is the planning of a tour half the fun for you? Either way, with a self-guided motorcycle tour, you can have a predetermined route and schedule and enjoy a structured, yet independent, experience. And if you want help planning and organizing your ride, motorcycle tour companies can provide you with route maps and GPS coordinates, and even book your accommodations.

Adventure Motorcycle Touring
Do you want to explore paved and unpaved roads on your tour? Adventure touring typically involves a variety of terrains (from highways to dirt trails), and sometimes riding and camping in remote, challenging areas.

Long-Distance Motorcycle Touring
Do you want to cover a vast distance, over an extended period of time? With long-distance motorcycle touring, you might cross multiple states (or even countries). These types of tours require meticulous planning, proper gear, and riding endurance!

Specialized Motorcycle Touring
Do you have specialized interests that you’d like to combine with riding your bike? You can find or design a specialized motorcycle tours that focuses on your interests, such as restaurants, wineries and breweries, photography, art, concerts and festivals, historic sites, or whatever you can dream up.

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