Motorcycle Tour Companies

Touring via motorcycle is a great way to explore the country, but planning your own motorcycle tour can be complicated and time-consuming. Why go it alone, when there are so many motorcycle tour companies that offer great riding and adventure experiences, without the hassles.

Below are some of the best motorcycle tour companies in the U.S.

Founded in 1992, EagleRider is one of the world’s largest motorcycle rental and tour companies. EagleRider offers guided and self-guided tours across the U.S., on a variety of types of motorcycles. Popular EagleRider routes include the iconic Route 66, Pacific Coast Highway, and tours of national parks.

MotoQuest offers guided motorcycle tours in various destinations around the world, including several in the U.S. Known for their knowledgeable guides and well-planned routes, MotoQuest provides adventures in places like Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, and the Southwest.

Reuthers Motorcycle Tours
While they operate globally, Reuthers offers several American motorcycle tours. Many of the guided tours focus on scenic routes and cultural experiences, and Reuthers tours cover a variety of regions, including the Great Lakes, Florida, and the western U.S.

Blue Rim Tours
Affiliated with Roadrunner Motorcycle Touring and Travel magazine, Blue Rim Tours offers both domestic and international motorcycle tours. In the U.S., Blue Rim tours explore the Appalachian region, the Rocky Mountains, and more, and their motorcycle tours emphasize camaraderie and the joy of the ride.

Twisted Trailz Excursions
Specializing in tours of the Southwest, Twisted Trailz offers guided motorcycle adventures that take riders through Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and other scenic areas. Twisted Trailz emphasizes personal experiences and often keeps their group tour sizes small.

Motorcycle Adventure Company
Motorcycle Adventure Company focuses on providing riders with unique touring experiences, from riding along California’s coast to exploring the backroads of the Smoky Mountains. Motorcycle Adventure Company is known for creating customized itineraries based on rider preferences.

Ride Free Motorcycle Tours
With a focus on the classic American road trip experience, Ride Free offers guided motorcycle tours on some of the country’s most iconic routes. Ride Free provides a nostalgic, old-fashioned tour experience, emphasizing the freedom of the open road.

Edelweiss Bike Travel
Founded in 1980, Edelweiss Bike Travel is one of the most renowned motorcycle touring companies in the world. Based in Austria, Edelweiss offers a wide range of motorcycle tours across various continents, including North America, Europe, Asia, Central America, South America, Africa, and Oceania. Edelweiss’ motorcycle tours in the U.S. include Route 66, the Pacific Coast Highway, and tours around national parks. Edelweiss also offers motorcycle tours in Canada, including the Rocky Mountains, coastal British Columbia, and other scenic routes. Catering to riders of all levels, Edelweiss provides both guided tours and self-guided tours, ensuring high-quality experiences with well-planned routes, excellent accommodations and knowledgeable guides.

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