Multiple-Policies Discount On Motorcycle Insurance

Most motorcycle insurance companies offer a multiple-policies discount on motorcycle insurance.
A multiple-policies discount, also known as a bundling discount, is a reduction in premiums that insurance companies offer if you purchase more than one type of insurance policy from them. The discount is a common incentive that insurance providers offer, one that helps ensure that you’ll use a single insurer for all of your insurance needs!

Types Of Insurance Policies For Bundling
The other types of insurance polices that you might be able to bundle with your motorcycle insurance include:

  • auto insurance
  • homeowners insurance
  • renters insurance
  • life insurance
  • umbrella insurance

Savings On All Insurance Policies
By bundling your insurance policies, you typically can save money not only on your motorcycle insurance policy, but also on your other policies as well. The combined savings – from all of the policies – can sometimes add up to a significant amount.

Added Convenience
Having multiple policies with the same insurance company can also be more convenient. It simplifies the process of tracking your policy renewals, payments, and claims.

Flexibility And Customization
You can often customize your bundle of insurance policies to include all of the specific types of coverage you need, one that adequately covers all of your assets and potential liabilities.

Eligibility And Requirements For A Multi-Policy Discount
Some insurance companies might have specific eligibility criteria or minimum coverage requirements for bundling policies. Also, most insurers require that all of the bundled policies be held by the same named insured and/or by someone residing at the same address.

Shop Around For Motorcycle Insurance
While bundling can save money, depending on the type of motorcycle insurance coverage you want, your riding record, your type of bike and other factors, you might be better off buying motorcycle insurance separately.

Check With Your Insurance Agent Or Company
Please note that the information provided above is for informational purposes only. For the most accurate, up-to-date, specific information, check with your insurance agent or insurance company.

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