Innovative Accessories For Motorcycle Touring

These cutting-edge accessories for motorcycle touring are so amazing, you’ll want to put them on your holiday list, or treat yourself today.

Below are innovative accessories that could be game-changers on your next motorcycle tour.

Smart Helmets
Features: Built-in heads-up display, rearview camera, GPS navigation, and voice-controlled interface.

Bluetooth Communication Systems
Example: Sena 50S/50R
Features: Mesh 2.0 intercom technology for clearer and longer-range communication, voice command, music sharing, and multi-way intercom.

Heated Gear
Example: Gerbing 12V Heated Jacket Liner
Features: Microwire heat technology, compatible with other heated gear (such as gloves and pants).

Portable Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)
Features: Monitors and alerts for real-time tire pressure and temperature.

USB Charging Systems
Example: CTEK Comfort Connect USB Charger
Features: Attaches directly to the bike’s battery and provides a USB outlet for charging devices on the go.

Advanced GPS Systems
Example: Garmin Zumo XT
Features: Rugged design, glove-friendly touchscreen, bird’s eye satellite imagery, and rider alerts for nearby hazards.

Adaptive LED Headlights
Example: Adaptive 2 Headlights, by JW Speaker
Features: Adjusts the beam pattern based on the bike’s lean angle and enhances visibility during night rides.

Quick-Release Luggage Systems
Example: SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock EVO Side Carriers
Features: Allows you to quickly attach or remove panniers without the need for tools.

Smartphone-Controlled Anti-Theft Systems
Example: GeoRide 3
Features: Tracks your motorcycle’s location in real-time, and you receive movement alerts directly on your smartphone.

Solar Chargers
Example: Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel
Features: Harnesses solar energy to charge your devices when you’re off the grid.

Digital Suspension Set-up Tools
Example: Motion Instruments MotionIQ
Features: Uses sensors and a smartphone app to provide feedback and suggestions on suspension settings.

Hydration Packs with Built-In Back Protectors
Example: USWE Patriot 15L Hydration Backpack with Back Protector
Features: Back protector adds an extra layer of safety to the hydration pack.

Wearable Airbags
Example: Alpinestars Tech-Air 5 System
Features: Standalone airbag system that provides upper body protection, by inflating in the event of a crash.

Motorcycle Camping Gear with Compact Design
Example: Nemo Equipment’s motorcycle-specific tents and sleeping bags
Features: Lightweight, compact and designed specifically for motorcyclists!

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