Innovative Clothing For Motorcycle Touring

Motorcycle clothing has come a long way from blue jeans, leather vests, and bandanas. That look is still in, no doubt, but you’ll be amazed at the smart options that are available in today’s motorcycle clothing!

Okay, so style might be sacrificed in some instances, but the trade-off is improved comfort, functionality, and protection.

Below are examples of the innovative motorcycle clothing items and technologies that have been designed with motorcycle touring and long-distance riders in mind.

Airbag Motorcycle Suits And Jackets
Features: Embedded sensors detect a crash and rapidly inflate airbags around your body, helping protect your neck, chest, and back.
Benefits: Enhanced safety during an impact or crash.

Modular Motorcycle Clothing Layering Systems
Features: Clothing systems designed with removable layers that can be added or removed based on the weather conditions.
Benefits: Adaptable for changing climates, offering warmth or cooling as needed.

Heated Motorcycle Clothing
Features: Electrically heated garments, including jackets, pants, gloves, and boot insoles.
Benefits: Provides warmth in cold conditions, often with adjustable heat settings.

Cooling Motorcycle Vests
Features: Utilizes evaporative cooling or phase-change material to absorb body heat.
Benefits: Keeps you cool in hot climates, reducing the risk of heat exhaustion.

Smart Fabrics In Motorcycle Clothing
Features: Materials that adapt to temperature changes, offering warming or cooling effects.
Benefits: Helps regulate your body temperature for comfort in varied conditions.

Ventilation Systems In Motorcycle Clothing
Features: Zippers or vents that can be opened to allow airflow.
Benefits: Helps cool you down in hot conditions, while allowing the flexibility to close them in cooler weather or wet conditions.

Waterproof And Breathable Motorcycle Clothing
Features: Provides waterproofing, while allowing moisture from sweat to escape.
Benefits: Keeps you dry in wet conditions, without causing you to overheat.

Kevlar-Reinforced Jeans And Jackets
Features: Casual-looking clothing that’s reinforced with abrasion-resistant Kevlar fibers.
Benefits: Provides protection during a slide.

Reflective And High-Visibility Motorcycle Clothing
Features: Materials that are bright in color and/or reflect light.
Benefits: Increases your visibility to other drivers and riders, during daytime, nighttime, and/or low-light conditions.

Integrated Electronics In Motorcycle Clothing And Gear
Features: Jackets or helmets that are integrated with communication systems, cameras, or other electronics.
Benefits: Reduces the need for additional devices and wires, offering a streamlined setup.

Adjustable Armor And Protective Pads
Features: Protection pads or inserts in jackets and pants that can be adjusted.
Benefits: Customizable fit for better protection and comfort!

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